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We got really good at hiring (to the point where we’ve sold $12M+ in our e-commerce business and completely removed ourselves from the day-to-day).

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Movement > Direction

There type of person I relate the most to on this planet:

Someone who has an aggressive bias for action.

It’s probably the single thing that has made me the most money (and maybe costed me in a few occasions when I wasn’t patient).

That’s why I love to read tweets like these:

Some of the biggest companies in the world started as a different products and slowly found their niche by not quitting and taking customer feedback.

When investing, the cliché is “Time in the market > Timing the market”.

The same is true with building companies.

Farmers Dog

Well this shocked me:

If you’re not familiar, Farmer’s Dog creates high quality personalized dog food for your pup.

It’s not cheap… for a 50 pound dog you’re looking at roughly $7 PER DAY ($2,555 per year)

They have a fully customized onboarding flow with things like pickiness, size, activity level, etc.

Once you learn that there are more pets than kids in the United States, you realize why this is such a big business.

But still, the opportunities to recreate this business for cats, kids or even more niche animals (horses, birds, etc.) is up for the taking.

Delegation Email

If you work for me, you know I’m not the best manager (trying to get better).

BUT, this template helps a lot.

99% of my slack messages or emails are “Can you look into this/figure it out”

But taking the 5 minutes to assign a task that follows this template can save you a few minutes.

David, who designed this template, summarized it best:

I made it because I tend to delegate things in moments of stress when my patience is lowest. Following this template forces me to be methodical when my body is telling me to rush and take shortcuts.


Here’s an example of one properly filled out:

Dungeons & Dragons Dice

Last week I learned that this high-end Dungeons & Dragons dice business does several million dollar in annual sales:

My brain: “So… a bunch of nerds spend millions with you for… fancy dice?”.


Taking a dive through subreddits talking about board games with the best communities & finding opportunities to replace their cheap plastic pieces with high end pieces can be a great side hustle.

Real Estate Advice

I came across this post last week.

It’s excellent.

To save you some time, here are the top 3 pieces that everyone buying or operating properties should keep in mind:

  1. “We lost a deal or 2 early on because we quoted too high, then expected to negotiate to a lower level. Our competition started low & gained credibility from our approach”.

  2. “In a tough market, it’s fairly easy to upgrade your mediocre employees with better qualified people at lower prices”.

  3. “One bad project can make up for five good ones”.

2x Companies: Prospect

Found this company: Join Prospect

If you’ve been reading for a bit, you know that I love database companies.

Their idea is solid: Their thesis is that employees who join a company who have the ability to double get more value.

If you don’t want to start a company, I think this idea is 100% the right approach.

PS – If you also had the same thought “How did he build that website?” Looks like he used Greenhouse and added some custom code on the front end.

✌️ See you next week


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