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Today's Outline: 6 Good Ideas That Deserve More Attention
💆🏼‍♂️ Stress Levels
📈Compounding Goals
🥦 AG1 Checkout
👷‍♂️ Construction Consultants
🌏 FatTravel
🏡 Facebook Groups

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I’ve hired ~50 people for my own companies.

We got really good at hiring (to the point where we’ve sold $10M+ in our e-commerce business and completely removed ourselves from the day-to-day).

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VC vs. Bootstrapped

I like these simple visuals.

The truth though is that running a company is always stressful.

To redraw the graph, here’s where your average W-2 will fall.

Bootstrapped companies become less stressful over time because:

  1. You get better. You hire people. You build systems that remove you from the stressor.

  2. As you begin getting paying customers, your growth expectations don’t have to be hitting a $1B valuation. You can grow your $1M business 10% per year for the next 20 years and have a great life.

A good quote from Jon Matzner this week that I’ve been playing over in my head:

Calm is contagious. As a leader, if you’re calm, your team will be too.

Compounding Goals

Here’s some cool math for ya:

If you have $1M today.

And that $1M invested earns 10% every year, for the next 30 years (compounded annually) you end up with $17,449,402.27.

Now 🥁🥁🥁

If you make 11% every year (a 1% difference).

You earn close to $23M. Over $5M more from a 1% difference.

Rate of return matters a lot as your money grows. Reading some of the comments here were interesting.

Most fell in the 8-15% bucket.

AG1 Subscription Page

If you’re in e-commerce, you’ll love this.

One of the best ways to get people to stay subscribed to your product is to give them options to skip or change the frequency.

Unfortunately today, most subscription softwares are pretty legacy.

And the incumbents still dominate because the switching costs are brutal:

Most are saying the AG1 Screenshot could be Skio (ReCharge is the behemoth here)

Contractor Consultants

It wouldn’t be a BizBrainstorms without at least 1 business idea.

Take a look at this company – Contractor Consultants

They are a recruiting service for Construction Companies (if you’ve been following my work at DTCHire, you know I’ve been getting obsessed about recruiting models lately).

Here’s what I love about this business:

  1. They don’t charge recruiting fees. Because construction is high turnover and high staffing, they charge a monthly subscription. So they can save construction companies money on those fees

  2. They are highly specialized which means they can get really good, quickly.

  3. Their website & marketing is great

Fat Travel

Lately I’ve stumbled into a new subreddit called FatTravel.

I love to travel and this undeniably feels like the best reddit for people with that same interest but have more money than r/shoestring (a subreddit for travelers on a budget), not to be confused for r/FrenchFries.

They talk about things like:

• What’s the craziest thing you can ask a hotel concierge
• How much do you spend a month on travel when you retire
• Are 5 Star Hotels worth it?

Definitely worth the read.

Facebook Groups

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again.

Facebook groups are the most underrated sources of value on the planet.

Dan started a landscaping business a few years back and got his first couple of sales through a Facebook group.

My 2 favorite parts of this tweet:

  1. “This past summer, Facebook groups generated my landscaping business over 250 leads and around 150,000 in revenue.”

  2. Dan became an expert at marketing into these groups for service businesses, and started an agency to help local companies capture value from the groups. He has generated 1,000 + leads for them so far.

I am actively building a Facebook group for Storage owners that has 2,400 members right now and the goal is to break 20,000 before the end of the year.

✌️ See you next week


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