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Bom Dias from Portugal 👋 

I just switched to Beehiiv for this newsletter.

I think the format will look better.

My goal: Build profitable companies & buy real estate with the profits. Without compromising health & epic adventures along the way.

Newsletter goal: You leave with one idea to make more $$$ or have a better life

📚 1 Business Lessons:

I had a conversation with my buddy David last week.

The man is crushing it.

25 years old and making $200,000 every month with his agency Pneuma (terrible name, I know).

He told me when he was still at his job 4 years ago & starting Pneuma, every night after work he'd throw on Netflix on one monitor & on his 2nd monitor open up Gmail & LinkedIn.

He would literally send 100 cold LinkedIn DM's & 100 cold emails.

Every night.

For over a year.

He even got a response from Mark Cuban.

These days he says 90% of his time is on calls with his team coaching and training them.

Usually my definition of hell = 90% of my time spent on calls

But he had a good point.

If he can make someone on his team slightly better in just 30 minutes every week, that has massive compounding effects throughout the company.

The Lesson:

When you're early, your job is to sell.

When you're making enough money, your job is to build systems & train.

💰 2 Business Ideas:

1. B2B Influencer Agency

You see the viral Tiktok dancers making millions... 

Well, it's time for some cringe LinkedIn thought leadership to get paid. Lol.

No but seriously, this B2B Influencer Report shows it's a big deal.

I'll save you the 47 pages. Here's the top 3 things to know:

  1. Influencer marketing industry is 9.7B (with bulk being B2C)

  2. 80% of B2B Companies plan to maintain or spend more on influencers

  3. 39% of B2B Companies say the reason they don't today is because it's too much work

Create a done-for-you service here. I'd target B2B SaaS companies to start.

2. Daily Newsletters Prompts –

There are popular "prompt" decks on School Of Life & Best Self.

Essentially, playing cards with a question on them, like:

"What sort of things have made you envious recently?"

And they vary by categories (philosophy, intimacy, icebreakers, etc.)

I think launching a daily single question email would cruushhhhh.

7 AM daily you get an email: "What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?"

Bonus Points: Build the software to record their answer when they reply to the email

Bonus Points with sprinkles on top: Market it as a giftable service for a significant other or family member like Storyworth does

😎 3 Cool Internet Things:

1. A Goldmine for Landing Pages – If your job is to sell anything on the internet, you need to set up a spot where customers can buy that thing. This is the blueprint to building an incredible landing page.

2. Ivysaur – If you are looking for the most simple workout when traveling, it's this. It's full body compound lifts. In my opinions it's the #1 way to maintain muscle on the road.

3. Working Less: After spending too long reading about Parkinson's Law, I'm convinced that I can accomplish more if I limit myself to 4-5 hours of work per day (and block social apps). This GTD framework is how I'm structuring my work in those 4-5 hours

- Connor 

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PPS – I was just in Madeira 2 days ago for a couple of nights. If you've never heard of it (like me), check it out. It was epic.


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