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🔢 3 Great Ideas
⚽️ Big Ass Candles
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🔢 3 Great Businesses/Ideas

Some people collect watches, I collect random business ideas.

There’s a list in my Apple notes app that I bundle up and share my favorite ones with you here.

Here are 3 I stumbled upon that I think you’ll love:

  1. Friday WorldWide –– This is a better cameo. For $50 you can send hilarious personalized videos to friends for their birthdays, celebrations, etc.

  2. Newly Named –– I love businesses that take complicated one-time events (ie. changing your name after getting married, divorced, etc.) and make an easy $89 package around it.

  3. $2,000,000 Puzzle – MSCHF is genius at marketing. This is no exception. They built a puzzle that you build into a QR code and scan it for a chance at puzzles ranging from $1 to $1M in prizes.

🕯 Big Ass Candles

Whether it’s king sized halloween candy or 7-11 Big Gulps, one thing is for sure in the US: People want bigger.

I’m a member of Ecommerce Fuel where they share learnings from 7 & 8 figure ecom entrepreneurs.

Last week the owner of Big Ass Luxuries wrote about how launching a candle with a 1,000 hour burn time made him $1M+ in his first year 🤯

If it were me, I’d launch in another niche that’s both Evergreen + Consumables: Big Ass Soap 

PS – 3 other examples of this working well already is Bulk Supplements, Big Blankets & Big A** Calendars

🇺🇸 USA

Great reminder. How much would you have to be paid to not be born in the US?

📖 Current Read

If you like Malcolm Gladwell style story telling about human behavior, you’re going to love Morgan Housels new book – Same As Ever.

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