Dairy Queen, Turf Installation, How To Start A Profitable Ecom Brand

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Today's Outline:

  • Good Things Take Time

  • Power of Distribution

  • Turf Installation

  • How to win in e-commerce in 2023

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Good Things Take Time:

My impatient brain wants everything the instant I think of it.

This is a good reminder that the best things in life take time.

Or as Jack Raines puts it in his post, Infinite Games, the best things in life are infinite games for the purpose of continuing the play.

Nobody “wins” in relationships, health, business, etc.

The goal is to play the game as long as possible.

The Power Of Distribution:

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is this chart:

To clarify, Slack is a huge business ($1B+ in revenue in 2022)

So when Microsoft Teams launched launched in 2017, it took only 5 years to 10x their Daily Active Users.

Microsoft has been around for 48 years. They have served over 1,000,000+ companies to build that distribution and trust.

So when they launch a competitor, they get paid.

If you’re paying attention to the new AI tool popping up, we’re entering a world where software development becomes as easy as building a website is today.

Going from idea to working prototype will take… days. Not months.

I think we’re entering a world where someone as simple-minded as myself will begin to be able to launch & deploy really really cool software products.

Which begins to raise the next question – if technical development becomes commoditized, what will become the next MOAT for these SaaS companies?

Personally, I think it’s distribution.

It’s the reason companies like Stripe buy Indiehackers, Hubspot buys The Hustle, Penn Gambling bought Barstool, etc. (more here).

I don’t think there has ever been a better time to build a B2B media business.

A Biz Doing Nearly 6 Figures Monthly in 120 Days

I love finding boring companies printing money, and from the looks of Nathan’s tweet, I think turf installation falls into that category nicely.

This is a 3.8B industry growing every year.

And my favorite part is that the pitch is dead simple:

  1. Cut your water bill

  2. Cut your landscaping bill

  3. Increases home value (source)

During a time where people are looking to save money, this business seems like a no-brainer.

Big Learning From Meeting Million Dollar Sellers

I went to the NYC Ecommerce Fuel meet up this past Sunday.

My biggest takeaways:

  1. In 2023, it is virtually impossible to launch a generic product if you don’t have an audience. The Kardashians can launch makeup. Logan Paul can still launch sports drinks. But you & I? Well, there are simply easier ways to make money.

  2. If you do want to sell products online, you need 2 things:

    1. Logistical Difficulty: This usually means Custom or Subscription Boxes

    2. A Passionate Niche: Find an audience that is obsessed with a niche or hobby and make your goal to serve them for the next 3-5 years

That is probably the biggest opportunity in e-commerce today.

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