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⚽️ Kickball Leagues
🍦 Dippin’ Dots Empire
📦 Packaging Companies
🚢 Kirkland Signature

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⚽️ Kickball Leagues

This has quickly become my new favorite side hustle business:

Adult Sports Leagues.

I’ve heard of 2 people in the last 6 months who have built profitable adult kickball leagues. So, I decided to research how much these businesses can earn.

Turns out… a lot. I found one company that owns that makes an estimated $79.4M/yr (though I think that’s for the parent company, ClubWaka – which also does everything from BarCrawls to corporate softball leagues and more)

The companies bread and butter is in corporate events, but from talking to someone who’s running a league of their own, I learned that these are the perfect cash grab if you’re highly social, love events & willing to hustle weekday nights for 90 days.

Napkin Math for a six-figure side hustle:


200 person league @ $75 per person = $15,000


• Food/Bev – $5/person/week for 12 weeks = $12,000 (remember, you can sell $5 waters & protein bars)
• Sponsors – $5,000 from local businesses for T-Shirt placement

That’s $32,000 of high margin income (your costs are water bottles & renting courts) that you can repeat 4x per year.

Not game-changing money. But, an easy way to bring the community together and make some cash.

🍦 Dippin’ Dots

This is an epic business story below:

• Dippin Dots went through Bankruptcy & was bought by an Oil Tycoon
• Improved the icecream biz by going Direct-to-Grocery & Bought a popcorn brand to merge with Dippin Dots franchises (salty & sweet combo)
• Licensed DD’s Cryo quick-freeze tech to pharma companies and plant-meat companies for huge fees

📦 Packaging Companies

Man Crates does ~$40M/yr selling gifts in wooden crates you open with a crow bar.

Liquid Death does ~$250M/yr selling canned water

Pez Candies still do $25M/yr (though I don’t know who’s still buying them)

My point: There are million dollar companies selling commodity goods where the packaging is the product.

🍾 Kirkland Signature

I was today years old when I realized Kirkland sold more than Nike and McDonalds.

The brand is genius. They partner with big brand companies and private label them as Kirkland.

Kirkland Batteries = Duracell
Kirkland Coffee = Starbucks
Kirkland Vodka = Grey Goose
Kirkland Leggings = LuluLemon (rumors)

These brands supply Kirkland because Costco drives massive volume. Which in turn, helps the big companies produce more and reduce costs which helps their profit.

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