How To Quit Your Job (And Not Run Out Of Money)

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But this week is different.

That’s because today I’m launching a new product:

I’ll be honest… I’ve never sold a product like this in my life.

But this topic is really important to me.

In the last 2 years, I’ve convinced over a dozen friends/family members to leave jobs they aren’t happy with. And nearly every one of them has stayed self employed.

And over the last 12 months, I’ve been taking weekly consulting calls and 70% of the time the topic is:

“I’m not happy at my job. I want to work for myself. What do I do?”

Here’s the issue. There’s not one path here.

Our entire life, we’re taught one path (go to college, get job #1, get promotion #1, get job #2).

But when it comes time to working for yourself… it’s confusing.

There are infinite paths.

But there are a few common things nearly everyone does.

This course takes the path of 25 others who have successfully gone from job to self employed and shares the commonalities that each of them shared:

Here’s My Story Getting & Quitting My First “Real” Job:

I sold my first company when I was 22.

It was an e-commerce business. We did a little over a million each year in sales.

Here’s how it went down:

  1. December 26th 2019 – My partner & I took a call hungover with a potential buyer that a broker introduced us to. She loved the business and wanted to buy it.

  2. February 22nd 2020 – We sold the company (wire hit the bank)

  3. February 29 2020 – I flew to Cancun for a week long spring break

  4. March 8th – Classes were canceled and Covid era began.

For the next 4 months, like everyone else, I sat around bored out of my mind.

The thing that nobody tells you when you sell your business is that you get bored. Like, really really bored.

That thing that took up 90% of your time? Gone.

Oh, and you have cash in the bank. But literally not a single dollar coming in.

So, while all of my friends were signing job offers and making plans, I was kinda just twiddling my thumbs.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do next.

So… I took a job doing Product Marketing at an e-commerce software company.

Good pay, team, company & industry.

But by month 6 I kept thinking to myself “What on earth am I doing here?”

I did the math.

Based on how much I spent and what I had in the bank, I could go years without another paycheck.

F*ck this I thought. I needed to bet on myself.

So I spent the next 90 days building my plan, and getting things ready.

Then I quit.

Since that day, I’ve build two different multi-million dollar companies and have purchased millions in real estate.

And I’ve had dozens of conversations with others who have successfully quit and managed to stay unemployed (they all have a surprising number of similarities).

I share all of it below:

What Is Included:

This course will give you 18 case studies of others who successfully quit (and show you their ideas + financials)

This course will give you the framework to show if you need to quit/get a raise/switch jobs entirely.

This course will give you a financial spreadsheet to model out how much you need to save, earn & burn to never have to get a job again once you quit.

This course will give you 5 steps (with templates & action items) on actions you can do today (while still employed) to make quitting your job virtually risk-free.

This course will give you 6 types of companies that have the highest likelihood of succeeding.

This course is all packaged in an 89 slide deck with 62 minutes of recordings to watch.

My Guarantee:

The truth is I really think this product will change peoples lives.

But I get $99 is a big ask.

So here’s my offer –

You can buy it with zero risk. If you buy it, and within 30 days decide “the content isn’t that good or it’s not worth it” I’ll give you a full 100% refund if you email me at [email protected] in those first 30 days. Zero questions asked.

✌️ See you next week with business ideas & lessons (I’ll share how this whole launch went and if it’s even worth it)


PS – If you’re already self employed and this isn’t the product you need, could you show some love and share it with a friend who might? It’d mean a lot to me (and maybe them).