5 Ideas From People Smarter Than Me

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This week is a bit different.

I'm sharing 5 ideas I got a lot of value from this week, hope you do too!

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1. Real Estate Mistakes

My Favorite Responses:

  • Never pass up on a good deal because of a lack of funding. Find the right deal and the money will come.

  • Not understanding the power of equity early on (this reminds me of an Alex Hormozi quote "You get wealthier from owning the thing that generates income than the income the thing generates."

  • Focusing on being "right" over being "rich". Pay attention to the macro (deals) and don't spend as much time on the micro (fees/nickel& diming)

2. Compensating Small Business CEO's

Principles to learn:

  • Operators goals need to be aligned with owners goals (ie. “grow fast no matter what” or “profitable growth.”)

  • Have two metrics you're measuring on: Financial & Objective

  • He creates a great template for tracking this which can be found here. I'm implementing this in my companies next year.

3. Tools For Doing Market Research

Tools I found helpful:

  • A lot of these I already use (AHrefs, Facebook Ad Library, Similar Web) and highly recommend.

  • Moat.com sends you alerts when competitors roll out new ads

  • Brax.io helps you send personalized emails that you can send after you scrape competitors customers emails using BuiltWith (assuming that they have an on-site software product)

4. Recruiting Better

My Biggest Takeaways here:

  • You can post a job listing, or you can build a top 100 list of candidates you want to hire and reach out to them directly. The latter plays into the candidates ego and will get you that first round interview with your dream candidate.

  • Sell the company hard in the first round of the interview (vision, roadmap, etc.)

  • The easiest way to recruit better people is to build a team of A+ players and never lower that bar. It's why people want to work at Google, SpaceX, Apple, etc.

5. End Of Year Reflection Questions

Notes from these questions:

  • These questions shifted my entire 2022 focus and I'll absolutely be devoting the 3+ hours to journaling this out again.

  • The 3 questions that helped the most for my reflection:

    • What brought me the most energy in 2021?

    • What drained my energy the most in 2021?

    • What are the biggest bottlenecks that are preventing me from getting to where I want to be?

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OK that was different from the normal issue, back to your regularly scheduled program next week!



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